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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Operation Blue Jay - 1951 USS E. B. Hall APD 107 On the Way

Short film of Operation Blue Jay

Thule, Greenland

USS Earl B. Hall, APD 107 at Sea

Passing Icebergs on way to Thule off Port Bow

Beautiful summer night on way to Thule,Greenland


Icebergs in Greenland


Bridge Gang of the E.B.Hall, APD 107

Peter Mafilios QMQ3

George Panos QMS2

George Panos QMS2 and Chief Petty Officer

Pilot House

Navigating from the Bridge


Communications Division

Signal Gang at Coffee Break

Bridge Gang Quartermasters/Signalmen,

George Panos at the helm of the E.B.Hall

Sights from the E.B. Hall APD 107

Beautiful Blue-Green Waters of Greenland

Capt.& Exec of the Hall

Captain Robinson

Captain Robinson

Passing more Icebergs

Icebergs at Thule, Greenland

Icebergs at Thule, Greenland

Quartermasters of the Hall

Monday, January 09, 2006

Ice and more Ice

Breaking thru the Ice

USNS Sappa Creek After hitting an Iceberg

USNS Sappa Creek After hitting an Iceberg

The location of Thule, 700 miles north of the Arctic Circle, required the ships to sail in company with icebreakers from the Canadian and American Navy and Coast Guard. Due to the heavy flow ice, ships needed to depart by early September, or face a winter trapped in the ice. The mission posed serious dangers to the crews and ships. The tanker USNS Sappa Creek experienced a radar malfunction and while in reduced visibility struck an iceberg and suffered severe damage to its bow, but was able to continue its mission.

USS Deuel APA160 as seen from the USS E.B.Hall On the way to Greenland

At Thule Airbase

Glacier at Greenland

Icebergs in Greenland

Tour of Glacier at Greenland